Golden Blood! The Rarest Blood Type On Earth.

ABO and Rh blood group system

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Most of us already know our blood group. Whether it's A, B, AB or O, and whether it's positive or negative. 

43 people on whole earth have golden blood

But, did you know that! there is a blood group so rare, that only 43 people on whole earth, have ever been reported to have it. So,

Which Is The Rarest Blood Type On Earth?

Rhnull, rarest blood on earth

Golden blood, rarest blood on earth

So actually, This blood type is known as "Rhnull" and scientists are calling it the "Golden blood type"

You might think, things would be straightforward, if people had the same blood type, 

but we don't.

hundreds of antigens on RBC

Actually, On the surface of every RBC (red blood cells) in our body, we have hundreds of Antigens. Which are the molecules, that are capable for triggering the production of specialized proteins called "Antibodies". 

How, Exactly Someones Blood Group Decided?

blood group depends upon presence or absence of particular antigens

Actually on the presence or absence of a particular antigens, on there RBC cells, someone's blood group is decided.  

Rh group system is the largest, and it's containing 61 antigens.

So, there are more than 32 blood group systems, and from the 32 blood group systems, the ABO group system and the Rh group system are major systems, in which Rh group system is the largest, and it's containing 61 antigens.

And, Interestingly there 99.9999994 percent of people in the world have blood with Rh antigens on their red blood cells. 

Rh antigen is completely missing in Rhnull

But, as the name implies of this blood group system, the Rh antigen is completely missing in these  blood group (Rhnull). 

Which makes it the rarest blood type in the entire world!

When It's First Discovered?

Rhnull blood was first found in 1961, in an Australian woman

Actually "Rhnull" blood was first found in 1961, in an pregnant Australian woman's child. 

But, Until then, doctors had assumed that, the embryo would not survive, because missing of all Rh blood cell antigens, (which are must for body or body's immune system) 

And they says, let alone grow into a normal, thriving adult.

43 people with Rhnull blood type had ever been reported worldwide.

But, in 2010, approximately five decades later, some 43 people with Rhnull blood type had been reported worldwide. 

you might think these 43 people are very lucky, but that couldn't be further from the truth!

Actually, In reality, because this Rhnull blood group is so rare, it is also extremely dangerous to live with. 

Did You Know?

Actually, The term "Rh" is originally an abbreviation of "Rhesus factor." 

Because it's first discovered in Rhesus macaque/monkey's, RBC cells.

It was first discovered in 1937 by Karl Landsteiner and Alexander S. Wiener.

And, at that time, they believed it to be a similar antigen found in rhesus macaque red blood cells.

What makes It More Extremely Rare?

Blood groups are inherited, and Rhnull is known to run in families.

When researchers tried to find the genetic basis of this golden blood type from one of the subjects, 

Doctor's found that Rhnull blood was due to two completely different random mutations, on pure chance. 

Means there is no significant way to explain it. which is may be one reason, why this blood group is so rare!

Why, Blood Transfusion is Quite Difficult in Humans?

blood transfusion from other person

Actually, your immune system naturally contains antibodies, which plays a major role to fight off any foreign material that can harm your immune system or doesn't recognize by immune system, such as viruses and bacteria. 

But, if a person take a blood transfusion from other person, which blood group doesn't capable to manage with it (receivers) immune system.

Because, that antigens aren't present in receiver's natural blood type. the antibodies of receivers immune system attack on the antigen of donor's blood.

For example, if you have type A blood and you receive a blood transfusion from a person which have type B blood. Your antibodies will work to destroy the B antigens. And this also can have life-threatening results.

That's Why, Having This Blood Group Is So Dangerous!

Because, if you have the Rhnull blood type, and if you receiving a transfusion of a blood type with any Rh antigens, which have the almost every person on earth (99.9999994 percent of people in the world), will cause your body to reject the blood. 

donor for Rhnull individuals is nearly impossible

And, because fewer than 50 individuals in the entire world have the Rhnull blood type. 

Finding a blood donor for Rhnull individuals can be nearly impossible. and that's make it so dangerous.

And this is the reason, why people who have the golden blood type are encouraged to donate their blood in case they ever need blood. 

And also, as Rhnull blood type contains no Rh antigens to be rejected, it can be a universal donor for those with generally rare blood types. 

Golden blood can be both life-threatening and life-saving.

Therefore, Golden blood can be both life-threatening and life-saving. 

But, while your chances of having the rarest blood type are incredibly low, it's important that you know, what your blood type is? 


You never know, When your life will need to be SAVED or when you could save someone else's!

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